W.9 | Assessing and managing volcanic hazards and risk for critical facilities


Chuck Connor | School of Geosciences, University of South Florida • cbconnor@usf.edu
Yoshi Fukushima | International Atomic Energy Agency • Y.Fukushima@iaea.org
Antonio Costa | INGV • antonio.costa@ingv.it
Elaine Spiller | University of Marquette • elaine.spiller@marquette.edu

Date: September 8
Duration: 4 hours
Number of participants: 10- 20

This workshop is dedicated to community discussion of volcanic hazard assessment to critical facilities, from scientist and stakeholder perspectives. When damaged by volcanic eruptions, critical facilities create impacts well beyond the areas directly affected by volcanic products. Critical facilities include nuclear and some conventional power plants, ports, dams, oil terminals, hospitals and similar types of infrastructure. The loss of this infrastructure can create cascading effects for populations, economies, and environmental health. Volcano scientists have the responsibility of developing robust methods for the assessment of volcanic hazard and risk for existing and proposed critical facilities. Often investment in such infrastructure is so great that hazard rates of 1:1,000,000 or 1:10,000,000 per year are considered to be significant. This places a high premium on methods to estimate the likelihood and consequences of even rare volcanic events with low uncertainty. This session is dedicated to presentation of new methods for the assessment of hazard and risk to critical facilities. The workshop will include a panel discussion with participation from scientists and government (International Atomic Energy Agency, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and others) about future directions in volcanic hazard assessment for critical facilities. The workshop will also include “how-to” descriptions of specific methods and techniques used in such hazard assessments, and the role of regulatory documents, international guidelines and standards, such as those developed by the International Atomic Energy Agency for volcanic hazard assessments.

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