W.6 | An introduction to LaharFlow: a web-based, dynamic shallow layer model of lahars


Mark Woodhouse | School of Earth Sciences and School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK mark.woodhouse@bristol.ac.uk
Jeremy Phillips | School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK
Andrew Hogg | School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK

Date: September 1 – 2
Duration: 2 days
Number of participant: 8-20

Managing lahar hazards is challenging due to the complicated physical processes that control the initiation and dynamics of the flows. Physical models that describe lahar dynamics are useful tools in managing lahar hazards. In this interactive workshop, we present our new lahar model, LaharFlow, a dynamic shallow-layer model with a web-based interface. LaharFlow models lahars across the range of regimes, from hyperconcentrated flows to debris flows, and the transitions between them. Bulking and debulking is included in the model together with the changes in topography that these processes cause.

Day 1 morning:
Three short (1hr) lectures will provide an introduction into the physics of lahars, modelling methods and the formulation of LaharFlow:

  • The fluid mechanics of lahars (Dr Jeremy Phillips)
  • Mathematical modelling of shallow geophysical flows (Prof. Andrew Hogg)
  • LaharFlow: formulation and phenomenology (Dr Mark Woodhouse)

Day 1 afternoon & day 2 morning:
The LaharFlow web-tool will be demonstrated through a series of interactive exercises. Participants will use the LaharFlow interface to set up simulations of lahars from a variety of source conditions, will run the model during the workshop, and analyse the results using online diagnostics and GIS tools.

Day 2 afternoon:
The workshop will conclude with a short lecture (1hr) that presents a perspective on the use of models for volcanic hazard assessment and risk analysis:

  • Using models for volcanic hazards and risks (guest lecturer: Dr Natalia Deligne) Finally, a group discussion on lahar hazard modelling will conclude the workshop.


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