W.14 | Stromboli volcano, Aeolian Islands: Broadband Acquisition and Imaging Operation (BAcIO) workshop

This workshop has the sponsorship and support of the IAVCEI Commission on Explosive Volcanism


Jacopo Taddeucci | INGV – HPHT Laboratory of Experimental Volcanology and Geophysics • jacopo.taddeucci@ingv.it
Piergiorgio Scarlato | INGV – HPHT Laboratory of Experimental Volcanology and Geophysics • piergiorgio.scarlato@ingv.it
Elisabetta Del Bello | INGV – HPHT Laboratory of Experimental Volcanology and Geophysics • elisabetta.delbello@ingv.it
Tullio Ricci | INGV – HPHT Laboratory of Experimental Volcanology and Geophysics • tullio.ricci@ingv.it
Daniele Andronico | INGV – Catania Osservatorio Etneo • daniele.andronico@ingv.it
Ulrich Kueppers | LMU • Munichu.kueppers@lmu.de

Date: September 8-13
Duration: 6 days
Number of participants: min 15 – max 35
Fee: € 900

The Broadband Acquisition and Imaging Operation (BAcIO) is an ‘operative’ workshop conceived as a multidisciplinary, ‘hands-on’ field experiment, and is meant to gather specialists and apprentices in the use of field-based techniques for monitoring/observing persistent explosive volcanic activity. The aim is to: 1) promote the synergic use of different field based measuring techniques, 2) share expertise and ideas on traditional and novel eruption observation tools, and 3) expand our knowledge of eruptive processes.

The activity will consist in the temporary deployment of a range of imaging, acoustic, seismic, and geochemical data acquisition systems, including, but not limited to, high-speed visible and thermal cameras, seismometers, microphones, UV and SO2 sensors and drones. The organizing team will provide part of these tools, but participants are invited to carry, deploy, and illustrate their own instruments. The program will include a discussion on the data acquisition and on the observed activity plus a final wrap-up event.
Observation focus will cover topics such as eruptive plume dynamics, pyroclast ejection processes extending from the shallow conduit, through their acceleration and interaction with the atmosphere, and their dispersal and deposition, and associated geophysical and geochemical signals. Local meteorological and volcanological (i.e., activity style, frequency, and intensity) conditions will have the last word on observational activities. The access to the summit are ject to regulations that may vary depending on the activity of the volcano.

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