Cities on Volcanoes 10 Photo Contest

If you are registered for the 2018 Cities on Volcanoes 10  (Napoli 2 – 7 September), you can take part in our photo competition! Winners receive a special handmade gift.

The topic of the photos contest aims to evidence your creativity on the variety of volcano forms and their interaction with human activities, infrastructure, and landscape. Each photo should have also a short explanation describing the volcano on the photo and giving its location and the relationship with the environmental contest.

Call for submission

The photos should be submitted to one of the three categories:

  1. Volcanoes from above (aerial photos).
  2. Impacts of Volcanoes on infrastructure of any urban contest (volcanic hazard).
  3. Humans and Volcanoes (human, social and artistic impacts of Volcanoes).

A selected received photos will be exhibited during the Cities on Volcanoes 10 Meeting.

The best photo of each category will be selected by a Jury and by voting of the meeting participants during the event.

Each participants would be able to submit two photos (in any contest categories).


Twelve photographs will be selected for the INGV-OV 2019 calendar.

The best photo in each category will receive a special handmade gift during the Closing Ceremony.


How to apply:


  1. Submit your photo details here:


  1. Copyright


If you submit your images to the Cities on volcanoes 10 Photo Competition, you are responsible for all operations, relieving the organizers from any liability for direct and indirect damage – material and moral;

you are responsable to third parties in general and to the subjects depicted in the photographs of which asked the exposure, even in the presence of release issued by the people portrayed in the images.


All geoscientist can submit their photographs: 1) declares to possess all the ground on the originals, on the digital acquisitions, on the elaboration of the photographs to be exhibited and to be in possession of the liberations released by the subjects portrayed where necessary; 2) retains ownership of the works; 3) gives the right to non-exclusive use of the exhibited images, having previously requested exposure.


The photos of which was requested the exposure, will be exhibited during the Cities on volcanoes 10 Photo Competition, authorizing the publication of images for non-profit promotional, editorial, documentary and non-commercial purposes, without the consent of the author, but with the only constraint to indicate the name of the author. This means that the material is always credited to the author: Credit: [Author’s first name] [Author’s last name].


The personal data of the participants, in conformity with the privacy laws, will be used only for internal purposes of the organization.


You declare that you agree with these copyright conditions:

[Date and location of Photo Contest]; [Author’s first name] [Author’s last name]; [Affiliation]; [Title of the Location and data of the photo]; [Signature for acceptance]


  1. Terms and Conditions


  • Please could you submit photos in digital format (.JPG, .TIFF); 300 DPI; the maximum file size for images should be 100 MB.
  • Deadline for submission is 20th June (with the registration form). extended deadline to July 22th



Organizing committee:


Rosa Nappi:

Sabina Porfido:

Giuliana Alessio:

Germana Gaudiosi:

Valeria Siniscalchi:

Patrizia Varone:


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