Parallel Scientific Program

In order to extend the impact of CoV10 in the Neapolitan volcanic area favouring the interaction between scientists attending the conference and resident communities, a parallel scientific program will include several events, as:

Volcanic risk management in highly-urbanized areas: Kagoshima and Napoli AIV-VSJ and INGV-OV organised an event aimed at outlining the motivations for improving the bilateral scientific collaborations, to tackle the challenges of some of the largest urbanized areas on active volcanoes. The honorable presence of the Mayors of the cities of Kagoshima and Napoli will open the event

Tuesday 4th September 19.15 to 20.45 Room Europa Auditorium, Conference Venue

Culture of the territory and school: educational path for civil protection activity at Ischia island. Civil Protection of the Campania Region promoted an initiative for dissemination and educational purposes focused on the geological, geo-environmental, geo-cultural aspects of the island of Ischia. The educational activities aimed to increase the volcanic risk perception and awareness, and the knowledge of the prevention and risk mitigation action of the students of primary and secondary schools of the first degree.

Monday 3th September 16.30 to 19.00 Poster Session, Room Ischia, Conference Venue

CoV 10 at MADRE (Museum of Contemporary Art) The volcano on the boundary between art and science within the exhibit Pompeii @MADRE

Open all days, MADRE (Museum of Contemporary Art), Naples

CoV 10 and Città della Scienza Scientific talk for teachers held by a volcanologist and an archeologist

Tuesday 4th September 10.45 to 12.45 Città della Scienza, Naples

Volcano Movies Festival: the intent is to bring out that existential, cultural and religious (mysticism, magic, beliefs) substratum that characterizes populations living around volcanos

Thursday 6th September 21.00 Green Paradise, Mostra d’Oltremare Naples

Volcano Oscar”: this event aims to celebrate creativity and share ideas as well as our love and fascination for volcanoes and volcanic phenomena. It is open to films created or edited in collaboration with professional film-makers, or by scientists/researchers and by early-career researchers

Thursday 6th September 19.15 to 20.45 Room Sardegna, Conference Venue

The  volcanic wines of italy: an exclusive workshop and tasting on the volcanic wine region of italy

Thursday 6th September 19.15 to 20.45 Room Eolie – Panarea, Conference Venue

COV10 special exhibition by Gennaro Regina This internationally known Neapolitan artist plays with all the famous and traditional Neapolitan symbols first of all Vesuvio , mixing sacred and profane, he is also the author of “Suriezione” video-performance, that was part of COV10 presentation during the closing ceremony of Cities on Volcanoes 9

All days of the Conference; Vernissage 3th September 20.00 to 21.00 Hall Conference Venue

Photo contest “Human Life and Volcanoes” open to CoV10 participants. The photos have to be related to three categories:1. Volcanoes from above (aerial photos). 2. Impacts of Volcanoes on infrastructure of any urban contest (volcanic hazard). 3. Humans and Volcanoes (human, social and artistic impacts of Volcanoes)

All days of the Conference, Room Ischia, Conference Venue

An Exhibition at CoV10 Etna 1928, The destruction of Mascali

All days of the Conference, Room Ischia, Conference Venue

Book Presentation Il Vesuvio universale by Maria Pace Ottieri, Ed. Einaudi

Friday 7th September 13.50 to 14.20 Room Corsica, Conference Venue

Springer at CoV 10 Presentation of a new Book title: Neapolitan Volcanoes. A Trip Around Vesuvius, Campi Flegrei and Ischia, by Stefano Carlino, Ed. Springer

Tueday 4th September 13.50 to 14.20 Room Capri, Conference Venue

Labs for children at CoV 10 Associazione Scintille, organised 3  free activities for children, to create a little volcanic community and  also to give a little help to the delegates who will bring their children with them  to COV10

Monday 3th, Tueday 4th, Thursday 4th,September 9.15 to 10.30 Gardens of Mostra d’Otremare, Conference Venue

Visits to Osservatorio Vesuviano Surveillance Center During the conference days, will be possible for participants to visit the Osservatorio Vesuviano Surveillance Center (OV-SC), just a few minutes walk from the Congress Centre

All days of the Conference, INGV-Osservatorio Vesuviano, Naples

Tour at Città della Scienza: A morning at Città della Scienza, for the children of conference participants; Guided tours to the Corporea Museum and Planetarium for the COV10 participants

All days of the Conference, Città della Scienza, Naples

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